FERCAM introduces: the branch of Genoa
FERCAM introduces: the branch of Genoa

FERCAM introduces: the branch of Genoa

A year of significant challenges has put the Ligurian branch to the test, but the team never lost heart and continues to look positively to the future 

2020 was a very difficult year for road traffic in Liguria and in particular a period full of obstacles to overcome for the logistics operators in the city of Genoa. In addition to the disastrous consequences of the Morandi Bridge tragedy and the controversy over the highway network, the Covid-19 pandemic added a considerable load of stress, generating an unprecedented historical situation. The word "resilience", so rightly topical, takes on a singular importance for the Ligurian capital in this extraordinary year. 

For the FERCAM Genoa branch, even at the end of 2019 it was expected that the coming months would be full of changes. In fact, the previous headquarters had insufficient space for the management of the branch's needs. Therefore, a new facility had been identified in Serra Riccò, with a cross docking warehouse of 3,200 square meters and 37 hydraulic loading and unloading ramps, a logistics warehouse of 2,500 square meters and a height of 10 meters, offices and premises totaling 600 square meters. 

But then, in the midst of the preparations for the move, the heavy and prolonged rains of November 2019 caused a collapse of the road leading to the square, suddenly making the warehouse inaccessible. It was impossible to get out with heavy vehicles (motor vehicles and trucks), and it was impossible to get any traction or restart. The operations to update the new warehouse were therefore accelerated, in order to be able to manage some of the activities from the new site. "In emergency mode and without a lot of resources, in three days we prepared the warehouse and an office station. We had neither radio-frequency nor guns, we managed in the old way", comments Raimondo Roccatagliata, Branch Manager. "We received great support, also from colleagues in the other branches, and thanks to this enlarged and strengthened team we were able to meet the distribution needs without compromising the service". 

The actual move of all the activities to the new headquarters in Via Fratelli Canepa then took place in the following month of February, finally bringing the entire operation to one of the most modern and functional facilities in the Genoese area. The large projects of expansion in transport and groupage at a national level but also in warehouse logistics, the acquisition of new customers and the implementation of innovative processes, however, had to slow down again, due to a new obstacle: the spread of the coronavirus. "We thought we had already faced our moment of drama," says Roccatagliata, "but the new scenario once again upset our plans. A surreal situation, which the Ligurian people have, however, in my opinion, faced with great seriousness and respect for the government's directives. Fortunately, at the end of the lockdown we resumed at full speed and I am happy to say that we are back to excellent results quickly, consistent with our budget". 

The situation was further exacerbated by the region's major road problems, with long queues and slowdowns on the agenda, particularly in the summer months. "From day to day it was difficult to understand which roads would be passable, which stretches of highway would be closed", continues the Branch Manager. "We called the traffic police practically every day to get updates and understand what arrangements to make for our distribution vehicles". 

Genoa and Liguria have all the cards in order to be a hub of great interest from a logistical point of view, with a port and proximity to important destinations in France. The new San Giorgio viaduct, while bringing with it a sad memory, could be a symbol of a new start, innovation and improvements to support the activities of the territory. Consistent with this spirit of hope for the future, the staff of FERCAM Genoa tells us about a branch where sometimes the adrenaline filled environment is an encouragement to give more, stress is faced thanks to a creative spirit and group cohesion, with the common goal of continuing to expand activities. 

Roccatagliata concludes: "Until there are situations that lead us to exceed our limits, we do not know how far we can go. In the last few months, my team and I have passed rather stressful tests and raised the threshold. We treasure it, even though we hope we don't have to test ourselves in the same way anymore! We are proud to have been able to manage such challenging conditions like these and I warmly thank all those who have worked together to solve them: from the cooperatives to the drivers, to the colleagues of the other branches who have supported us. I saw a great union of intentions, a desire never to slow down the work or disappoint our customers. All with the same shirt, all in the same field. Having a team like that at my side gave me strength and made all the difference".