Ro-Ro: combined transport by sea - FERCAM
Ro-Ro: combined transport by sea - FERCAM
Ro-Ro transport

Ro-Ro: combined transport by sea

The maritime and road multimodal connections are safe, secure and efficient for full and partial loads

We partner with the main shipping companies to ensure the fast and guaranteed delivery of goods to destination.

The Roll-on Roll-off service offers great advantages in terms of costs and efficiency.

The unit load devices are embarked on ships directly at the main departure ports and subsequently taken in charge by dedicated operators at the destination port.
Our specialist staff handles all import and export customs formalities.

The advantages of Ro-Ro transport

FERCAM offers Ro-Ro connections to and from:

Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Albania and Greece with a wide range of unit load devices specifically dedicated to this service.
Our dedicated handling branches are in Tunis, Livorno, Barcelona, Tangiers, Istanbul and Tirana.

Our equipment:

  • Mega Trailer box 13.60 m, 100 m3 equipped for hanging garments
  • Mega Trailer with tarpaulins 13.60 m, 100 m3
  • Standard trailer 2.70 m, 13.60 m
  • 45'' Swap bodies
  • Temperature controlled trailers

How does Ro-Ro transport work?

In combined Ro-Ro transport, the truck is used for the traction of goods in departure and arrival (short sections) while the ship covers the long traction of the transport. FERCAM consolidates the arrival of goods at its own terminals and offers the convenience of door-to-door service.
Ro-ro transports
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