Groupage shipments in Italy and Europe - FERCAM
Groupage shipments in Italy and Europe - FERCAM
Groupage shipments

Domestic and international groupage transport service

FERCAM is the reference for the transport of small consignments in Italy and abroad.

We manage your B2B and B2C groupage shipments

The FERCAM groupage transport service offers a flexible and efficient solution, with transparent delivery times for every type of shipment, from small quantities of goods to larger loads on pallets or other types of packaging.

Our widespread proprietary network of branches in Italy and qualified partners throughout Europe, together with our specialist expertise, contribute to our standing as leaders in the international and domestic B2B freight and mass distribution sectors as well as in deliveries to private individuals (B2C). We offer highly qualified support at every stage of the shipment with our dedicated internal customer service, and full control of the status of the goods is guaranteed with the shipment tracking and tracing system and the Aktiv Reporting feature which promptly reports any anomalies.

In addition to groupage shipments, with a weight limit of 2500 kg and up to 2.8 linear metres per shipment, we offer the LTL service with no weight and size limitations.

The advantages of FERCAM groupage shipments

Domestic shipments

FERCAM handles groupage shipments throughout Italy with speed and flexibility, offering customisable solutions and rates. We offer various operating solutions to best meet your needs, improving the distribution flow of your goods. With a widespread network of proprietary branches throughout the country, we are proud to have one of the largest distribution networks in Italy, guaranteeing a reliable service, always in support of your company.

International shipments

FERCAM's international groupage serves destinations anywhere in Europe with speed and flexibility, offering customised solutions to best meet your needs. With our vast network of proprietary branches in Italy, and the proven excellence of our European partnerships, we can guarantee a high standard of service for your international distribution requirements.
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Our solutions

Based on the type of service and the destination of your goods, we offer the service best suited to your needs

We offer tailored solutions and commercial agreements for your domestic and international shipments based on the characteristics and peculiarities of your goods flow.
Collection and delivery with fast and defined delivery times for distribution in Italy and the rest of Europe.
Delivery on a specific date established by the client, in Italy and in the rest of Europe.
Collection and delivery with indicative delivery times at more competitive rates in Italy and in the rest of Europe.
Quick shipment of goods and in perfect condition to private recipients residing throughout the European territory.
Speed & Book
Collection and delivery with fast and defined delivery times to the branch closest to the recipient, with booking of delivery directly with the recipient for distribution in Italy and the rest of Europe.
@Home Delivery solutions
We deliver your products to the end customer and install them. Learn more
International parcel
Collection and delivery of small shipments (also to private individuals) destined for Europe, with fast and defined delivery times and a high standard of quality, thanks to the solid network of qualified partners.
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Parcel nazionale FERCAM 24 hours
For small shipments in Italy, FERCAM offers a service with delivery within 24 hours (islands not included). A practical service for fast shipments.
Dedicated express deliveries
We cater for express shipments, weight and size limits, with dedicated vehicles, both in Italy and abroad.
Groupage Russia
We also offer a Groupage service with DAP-DDP door to door delivery for Russia and neighbouring countries.
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Technology at your service

The B2B Portal also provides you with continuous access to all documentation on your shipments: tracking & tracing, online POD views, electronic signature, collection management, label creation... Find out more about the B2B portal

Furthermore, with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), the system adopted by FERCAM, you can integrate your systems for the simplified and safe and secure automatic exchange of information and documents. Learn more
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