Integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain - FERCAM
Integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain - FERCAM
Contract Logistics and warehousing

Contract Logistics Solutions

FERCAM offers the market integrated logistics solutions.

Integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain

Our experienced and highly specialised team offers dedicated advice to manage the complexity of your warehouse and transport logistics in every product sector. We develop customised and advanced projects dedicated to you and based on your specific needs, streamlining your supply chain and ensuring that it operates efficiently with optimal production costs and timeframes. Through meticulous analysis of merchandise flows, we provide an efficient organisational proposal to optimise your logistics processes at every stage, from production to the last mile, supporting your business, guaranteeing a high quality service and great added value.

We manage every phase of your supply chain

From planning and management of supply flows, to multi-modal transport for import contexts, dedicated and shared warehouse and transport solutions, management of spare parts distribution and delivery to destination.
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Supply chain services

Reception and quality control
  • Offloading
  • Goods in operations
  • Quality Control
  • Data flow and exchange
Warehouse logistics
FERCAM has numerous advanced logistics centres for the storage of your goods. Our latest generation surveillance systems also ensure that goods are safe with the highest security standards.
Through the use of specialised warehouse management software, we offer advanced operational management systems that enable us to provide you with the best support possible according to the particular characteristics of your goods while maximising the flow of materials and information.

Thanks to advanced IT systems, we can support any type of management to offer you the best operating solution. Our in-house IT department develops special integrated EDI solutions to ensure automated data exchange so that you can depend on real-time access to stock data on web platforms. We also offer:
  • Optimal area positioning
  • A process optimisation system
  • Production batch and expiry dates management
  • End-of-year and rotating inventories
Order preparation
  • A system for optimising the picking area
  • Use of ABC analysis
  • Custom packaging
  • Withdrawals of goods in bulk and hub routing
Reverse Logistics
  • Collection of goods from shops
  • Quality control of products
  • Packaging conformity checks
  • Management of shipping documents
  • Data flow and exchange
  • Reliance on the distribution network
  • Traceability of flows
  • FTL (full load shipping)
  • LTL (less than full load shipping)
  • Groupage and last mile handling
  • Home Delivery (deliveries to private individuals with home assembly and disposal)
We closely follow our customers, with dedicated and highly professional departments: from import by sea and air, to order handling with every level of customisation, to full transport and last mile distribution management. Our specialised professionals support you in all your needs, in particular with our internal customer service, to offer proactive assistance, availability and focused customer care.

The traceability of goods during all phases of the operating process is ensured by the use of highly advanced and integrated IT systems. With our online reporting tools, moreover, information on the monitoring of the flow of goods is available and easily accessible at all times.

Our value-added logistics services

  • Preparation of sales kits
  • Custom packaging
  • Preparation of point of sale presentation desks and stands
  • Goods quality inspections  
  • Packaging operations
  • Reverse logistics – returns handling
  • Specific product labelling
  • Special warehouses (for customs, tax and excise operations)
  • Application of status labelling

Our supply chain solutions

Contract Logistics
Integrated customer management with single contact person for the entire process of the supply chain, and overall planning of the processes.
  • Miniloads
  • stacker cranes
  • put-to-light
  • end-of-line systems
Lean methodology for the purpose of continuous improvement.
  • Interfacing with all operating systems
  • customised tools
  • report system
  • tracking & tracing of shipments

Customs, tax and excise services

  • Bonded warehouses: authorised warehouses for the introduction and holding of non-EU goods abroad under a suspension of customs duties with Customs Agency interfacing assistance
  • Fiscal warehouses: authorised warehouses for the introduction and holding of goods under suspended tax conditions
  • Excise warehouses: authorised warehouses for the introduction and holding of goods under suspended excise conditions (beer, wines and spirits)
  • Consulting services: guarantees, accounting, Intrastat

We serve customers operating in diverse product sectors

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