FERCAM FACTOR S.p.A., a company of the FERCAM S.p.A. Group, offers to his partners and suppliers a factoring service which consists in the anticipation of the payment of their invoices issued to FERCAM S.p.A.

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FERCAM FACTOR S.p.A. is a factoring company, mainly addressing partners and suppliers of FERCAM S.p.A. offering them - upon request - the financing of their invoices in a simple, fast and bureaucracy-free way. This all on competitive conditions.

The advantages

Our solutions

Sale of receivables with recourse

The receivable is transferred to FERCAM S.p.A. with the payment of interests only up to the agreed deadline.

Sale of receivables without recourse

The receivable is sold to FERCAM S.p.A. with a non-recourse clause on the part of the Factoring in case of insolvency by the debtor. Moreover, the interests are only paid till the agreed deadline.

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